Resilience is an inspirational story and faith journey of the love of God. It is a journey of mental wellness. The main character Alara exemplifies courage and the true meaning of RESILIENCE. In the midst of numerous challenges she faces as she perseveres, learns and matures into a beautiful young woman. She overcomes challenges through faith and resilience, even facing insurmountable obstacles she still overcomes to victory! Alara is not a victim of past circumstances or mistakes but everything in her life is used to shape and mold her to the best version of herself. If you want to be inspired, motivated and sparked in your faith, read about this faith and life journey and receive the shift to let the shackles of fear fall away!

Grace and Gratitude

As you read and open your mind and heart to God daily the word will be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto our path, illuminates our mind. (Psalm 119:105) Our minds are renewed by the washing of the word. God changes our old thinking to a higher level of thinking, as we reflect on His word, we become more like Christ Jesus. (Philippians 2:5) God calls us to a deeper and more intimate relationship with him as we grow. Old thought patterns are broken and replaced with the new mindset of truth. A new life in Christ is created. We are transformed as we walk the path God has destined for us as we are filled with better promises and the blessed eternal life.

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